Scientist Poets

Len Anderson & his Science Guys and J. Zimmerman, make up the group of Scientist Poets. They will be presenting some fabulous poetry at the San José Poetry Festival 2016: Breaking Borders, on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at History San José, from 10:00 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. Check the Schedule to find the location of the presentation.


These six poets who are also scientists, will each read their share of poems, and present their own style of writing and reference to science. Some poems might touch on science, some on their lives as scientists, while some could very well be far from science in tone or treatment of material. They may also offer biographical insights or personal comments on being a scientist and a poet. This promises to be an interesting segment, considering the poems they have chosen to post here on this blog. These poets need no introduction, as they are prominent poets in the community in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County.

LEN ANDERSON is the author of Invented by the Night and Affection for the Unknowable, both from Hummingbird Press. He received his PhD in physics from UC Berkeley, worked in experimental elementary particle physics at Berkeley and at École Polytechnique in France, and developed sensors for the automation of paper manufacturing in private industry.


At Poetry Santa Cruz, Len serves as Secretary-Treasurer. He has primary responsibility for publicity (flyers, email announcements, press calendar announcements, website maintenance), research on readers, database, PA system and archives, financial records and budgets, non-profit status, grant applications and reports, member thank you letters & premiums, event setup, and is Contact Person. He has directed the High School Poetry Competition and helps coordinate our other big events, Poet/Speak, our volunteers, and liaison with Poetry Center San Jose.


As I wake this morning,what makes me think that this is the same universe I was in the day before? Is it that seemingly familiar shade of yellow coming from the east through the blinds? Is it the clock which seems to know what time it is and thus there must be something called time? Is it my wife’s soft breathing? I don’t know, but you can’t fool me. Not this time. This time the universe really did spring into being just now and this is the one fresh and fleeting moment of existence. Just look at that ever-changing shade of light.  I can’t believe it. In the light there’s a hint of orange-purple I’ve never seen before. This shade has no name. Look while you have the chance. Now. This is it. This is forever. And forever may not last very long.
( A prose poem, “Just Another Dharma,” published in The Sand Hill Review, 2015.)


jzimmerman    Photo by Jessica Frye

J. Zimmerman, also a Scientist and Poet, earned her doctorate from the University of Oxford (UK) through her research on solid-state physics with applications to archaeology. She then worked on the moon rocks at Washington University (USA). She was featured in the 2013 New Resonances haiku anthology and was the first Poet in Residence for the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music (2014).

A TANKAJ. Zimmerman  [Gusts #22, 2015]

Biology class
first day of term
the schoolyard bully
teaching everyone
the way survival is played



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