Words & Music: Diane Frank & Erik Ievins

Diane Frank, award winning poet, and Erik Ievins, cellist, collaborate in a Words and Music ensemble. They weave between poetry and music, letting the music express the emotions of the poemsometimes from the Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites and sometimes original compositions by Erik Ievins.

For Erik Ievins, music has always been a comfortable second language. Classically trained on cello since he was old enough to hold a bow, Erik joined professional symphony orchestras while still in high school. He plays cello and bass with StringFire, with a recently released CD, Spindriftin’. When collaborating with poets, Erik expresses the emotions of the poem through music.

Erik_Diane         Erik&Cello

Diane Frank is author of six books of poems, including Swan Light, Entering the Word Temple, and The Winter Life of Shooting Stars. She lives in San Francisco, where she dances, plays cello, and creates her life as an art form. Diane teaches at San Francisco State University and Dominican University, leads workshops for young writers as a Poet in the School, and directs the Blue Light Press Online Poetry Workshop.

Diane Frank





Iowa Omen          stringfire                                                                                       CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLE MUSIC

Diane Frank and Erik Ievins will be on KKUP 91.5 FM this Friday, September 9, 2018 with host Gaylord Fischer, at 1:30 p.m.  We guarantee a great program if you tune in to listen to Diane & Erik.





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