Spoken Word: A Slam Dunk!

Our upcoming San José Poetry Festival 2016: Breaking Borders on Sunday, September 18, 2016 is a celebration of unique modes of expression taken by the poetic medium in the modern day. Be prepared for some riveting spoken word, slam, and poetry with an attitude—no attitude, no poem! You will be mesmerized by the heavy use of rhythm, improvisation, rhymes, word play and slang. The imagery, sounds, and other sensations will hold you captive. Warning: Remain in your seats.



Caesar Kent has mobilized a squad of expressive and impressive performance poets in the “Spoken Word/Slam” segment, from 5:00 p.m. – 5:50 p.m. Having  established a multifaceted career working with words as a writer, editor, and educator, Caesar has published a couple of short novels, though his focus lies more in flash fiction and poetry. He has worked as the Fiction Editor for the Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine, and he is now currently acting as co-Editor-in-Chief on another review, Caesura.  Along with freelance copyediting, he works as an English tutor, emphasizing to his students the capacity to weave creative writing into the academic. He is dedicated to two local literary organizations as a board member of the Poetry Center of San José, and the special events coordinator for Flash Fiction Forum. As a Spoken Word poet, he performs around the South Bay Area, often with his guitarist and other guest musicians, in an extemporaneous experience known as 60 BC.



Included in the San José Poetry Festival’s Slam segment is the self-proclaimed Stand-Up Poet, Mighty Mike McGee. And just WHO is Mighty Mike McGee? Mr. McGee, in his own words, is a well­ traveled, funny poet from San José, California and in the world of poetry slam competition, he is the first and only person ever to win the Grand Championship at both the National Poetry Slam (2003) and the Individual World Poetry Slam (2006). He has toured nearly one million miles throughout the U.S., Canada & Europe, being one of the first Americans to perform poetry at the University of Paris, la Sorbonne. McGee has appeared on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, CBC Radio & Television, and regularly on NPR’s Snap Judgment. He produces a number of shows in his hometown of San José, California.

In Search of Midnight, McGee’s book of humor and poetry, is available through Write Bloody Publishing. His blog is here: mikemcgee.net. McGee produces a number of shows in his hometown of San José, California. Sign up for his “Sweet Home San José newsletter” and his international list.



Tshaka Menelik Imhotep Campbell has been writing and performing his work for over fifteen years and has performed across the globe at a number of venues and colleges, from the Apollo Theater in New York to the O2 in London England. His work has been published in a number of magazines, poetry anthologies and periodicals as well as in advertising campaigns with companies such as Nissan and Miramax studios. He has authored two books entitled Tarman and Muted Whispers and two albums, entitled “One” and “Bloodlines,” as well as, being the featured artist on a number of musical projects ranging in genre from Jazz to House. His most recent digital release “SKIN vol.1” has been received well and is currently available for download on iTunes, Spotify, and various other music channels. He currently resides in California and continues to ask the world to listen different.



Scorpiana Xlent is a Bronx raised poet, spoken word artist, and armchair activist who now makes San José her home and considers herself equal parts New Yorker and Northern Californian. A member of The San José Poetry Slam’s 2014 slam team competing in Nationals, she has also featured at venues in New York, Florida, and California. Scorpiana’s poems have been published in two anthologies: Fruition and The Bandana Republic. She also has her own book Inked. In addition to writing and performing, Scorpiana has taught youth poetry workshops in San José. Scorpiana X is currently the Slam Master for The San José Slam. She likes bacon and chocolate, but not together, and has learned to accept her caffeine addiction.


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