Festival Committee: Getting to Know Us

Getting to know us. . .getting to know all about us. The festival committee members have been working very hard to ensure we present a successful and grand poetry program especially designed for you—the San José Poetry Festival 2016: Breaking Borders, this coming Sunday, September 18, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at History San José. Please get your tickets online, and bring your friends and family for a memorable potpourri of  day-long poetry. Check out the Schedule to see which events you might fancy, or just be bold and try something new. There’s a variety of programming, and some great talent you do not want to miss. If you’ve never been to a poetry event, this is your chance—grab it!


Robert Pesich is the editor and publisher of Swan Scythe Press (swanscythepress.com), President of Poetry Center San José (pcsj.org) and coordinator for The Well-RED Reading Series. Author of Burned Kilim (Dragonfly Press) his next collection of poetry Model Organism is forthcoming from Five Oaks Press. He works as a research associate for PAIRE and Stanford University.

Dennis Richardson is a co-host of the Willow Glen poetry readings. He never had an interest in poetry until he retired from teaching high school mathematics in 2002. For Dennis, it’s a great joy to create a good poem. He says, “It’s what I do now so my mind won’t retire from doing me.”

Barbara Saxton, a Mountain View local, has worked as a translator, financial consultant, and educator, and is now a retired English teacher, singer, relentless outdoor enthusiast, and poet, published in her chapbook Dual Exposure (2015), along with numerous journals and anthologies.

David Eisbach has always loved the arts, and a six-year membership in the San José Arts Commission introduced him to many of the City’s art groups. He has served on the boards of South Bay Guitar Society and Mission Chamber Orchestra, and joined PCSJ and the Willow Glen “Third Thursday” poets, helping in the creation of anthologies. This is his second year as the San José Poetry Festival Director.

Amy Meier has poetry included in the 2011 anthology REMEMBERING: Poems Read at Willow Glen Books (Jacaranda Press, 2011), the 2009 Family Album Santa Clara County, and the 2015 issue of Caesura. As part of Poetry Center San José, Amy organized VeteransWrite, a writing group for veterans and their family members, meeting monthly on the 4th Sunday at Markham House, History Park.

Christine Richardson is a co-host of the Willow Glen poetry readings. She frequently writes her poems using a garden tool. Her current autobiographical summary of her life: Phase one: growing taller, schooling—complete. Phase two: birthing, teaching, more schooling—complete. Phase three: creating my version of the Epicurean life—in process.

Jerry Dyer is a long-time English teacher in San José, in the East Side High School District. He also loves music in all forms, especially music that we can make when we combine our minds and voices in singing, and in poetry.

Dennis Noren is an enthusiastic participant in the poetry community of the South Bay. He is member of Poetry Center San José Advisory Board, and is actively involved in the Center’s activity at the Edwin Markham House at History Park. Dennis was one of the five winners of the 2012 Poetry on the Move contest (poetry on VTA trains and buses).

Pushpa MacFarlane enjoys reading poetry at open mic. She creates and maintains blogs for some of her poetry friends, and videotapes local poetry readings whenever she gets a chance. She also likes to arrange and put together anthologies of poems.


Poetry Center San José’s  mission is to nurture and promote diverse literary expression in our community as a means of exploring, defining, and enriching the human experience.

In furtherance of our mission, we offer programs and services to stimulate passion for the literary arts and to inspire and support emerging and established writers. We collaborate with other organizations to ensure that these programs and services reflect the diversity of our community and to involve people from a wide range of backgrounds as audience and members.

For more information about Poetry Center San José, the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board, visit the website and check out Caesura and links to poetry  elsewhere.


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