Dennis Richardson and Youth Poetry

Who better than Dennis Richardson, who is still youthful at heart and the same leader he was, back in his teaching days, to present the Youth Poetry segment at the San José Poetry Festival 2016: Breaking Borders, on Sunday, September 18, 2016 at History San José?From 2:00 p.m. to 2:50 p.m., Dennis will be reading and presenting, along with a small group of mid-teens and early twenties, Youth Poetry. This segment will demonstrate the young talent, who are engaged in their writing and reading poetry with an edge, and command a presence on stage. These are the young voices that need to be heard, that are publicly present, and whose voices will still be heard long after the show is over.

Dennis R

Dennis Richardson comes from an educational background. He co-hosts the Willow Glen Third Thursday poetry readings with his wife, Christine. He helped develop the Willow Glen Poetry Project’s blog and collaborated in the publication of the anthologies in the series. Dennis has read in the poetry series of the NoonArts & Lecture events in San José: Ekphrasis, Allure of Forms, and The Poetry Café. He has received recognition for his poetry, and his poems have been published in the anthologies Shared Light, No Ordinary Language, Third Thursdays, and Caesura.


There, up ahead where the trail should be
Waits a small stone summer snowman
with his non-melting heart,
No grinning charcoal mouth
Or even a stick finger to point the way,

Just the lingering spirit
Of someone before you
Who passed this way
Wanting you to know
You hadn’t lost your way
—Dennis Richardson


Evan Brasco, and three other students will be accompanying Dennis Richardson
in their presentation of Youth Poetry. Having completed his San José College Preparatory High School, Evan is in his second year at San José City College.  Don’t miss, what we believe to be an energized 50 minutes!

Youth Poetry